Finding Faith in War

War is one of mankind's greatest tragedies. However, throughout history, God has fulfilled his own purposes and has ultimately controlled the outcome of events, even during times of war. Larkin Spivey has devoted his life and Christian ministry to finding and sharing stories that demonstrate God's providential hand and personal experiences of faith in times of war.

As a decorated veteran, Spivey has experienced combat himself. With his own stories and the testimonies of other veterans, he seeks to enlighten both believers and skeptics with messages of hope, perseverance, faith, and providence during history's most treacherous times. His new release, titled, Stories of Faith and Courage from the Korean War, brings to life an almost forgotten era of American history and the lives of a generation of men and women who answered their nation's call during a difficult and controversial conflict. Many stories show the power of faith under the stress of combat and separation from loved ones, while others show the doubts and complex spiritual journey of men forced to confront the dark side of human nature for the first time. Ultimately, the power of God to redeem every human life and event shines forth in this amazing collection.

Spivey's newest book, A Skeptic's Guide to God, is written for skeptics like himself who are looking for peace, meaning, and purpose in life, but feel that organized religion does not have the answers they seek.

Hot Off The Press! A Skeptic's Guide to God

New Release! Stories of Faith and Courage from the Korean War